If you’re on the search the best Commercial Roofing Contractor that specializes in Flat Roof systems in the Boston & the metropolitan area, then look no further! Our team of commercial and industrial roofers have what it takes to ensure that your next roofing project is executed efficiently, on time and state-of-the-art craftsmanship. We are among one of the top roofing companies in New England.
Whether your building is in need of a complex roof repair or full roof replacement, you can count on us!


EPDM. Fully adhered roofing system, Approved roof deck with acceptable insulation fastened to surface by means of plates and acceptable roofing screws. EPDM bonding adhesive. EPDM membrane. Comes in Black or White colors. In the colder climate of New England, dark-colored EPDM reduces heating cost.

1—EPDM membrane

2—Fasteners & plates

3—EPDM Bonding adhesive


5—Roof deck


TPO. Fully adhered roofing system, Utilizes white, gray, or tan membranes in standard reinforced 45, 60 or 80 mil thickness. Most common heat welded membranes. Offers high hail and puncture resistance.

1—Reinforced TPO membrane

2— Insulation fasteners and plates


4—Roof deck

5—Membrane fasteners and plates

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